Martinsville Setup

Welcome to the NASCAR version of a cage fight. 40 cars locked in a half mile. Most of us would call this gridlock, rush hour, or road rage in the making. The drivers call it a race.

Austin has taken on the paper clip 8 different times between truck series and Cup series. Trucks he averaged an 11th place finish and Cup is an average 22nd place finish. When you put all that together, he holds an average of 17th place.

This year Austin maintains a finish 8 spots above his normal average in the Cup series. 17 – 8 gives us a promising 9th place finish. A top 10 anywhere is a noteworthy accomplishment, here… It could be considered amazing.

The dismal finish at Auto Club left media talking, I want to tell you, “Do not buy what they are selling.” They have been trying for weeks to publicize a “division” or “rift” between Slugger & Austin. Austin has time and again said it doesn’t exist and so has Slugger. Why the outburst? Things are gonna happen in battle and things will be said in battle. That’s how it is!

The media is trying to develop a story to talk about on Sunday, they don’t need to! The action on track is more amazing than they give it credit for. Ignore the talking heads, forget what they say. I do not transcribe these heated moments because they are more or less private matters. Imagine every time you got in a fight with your significant other, the media jumping in and making it public for all to see. The world would think you’re ready for divorce, even though it was a quick spat that didn’t even require apology from either party.

That is what the media is selling you. Don’t buy it. On the radio these guys joke and laugh. They encourage each other, yes they even have some little fights. The promising thing is after the race. If you look at the tweets after Fontana, Austin was in a good mood and even asked Whitney if she could bake him chocolate chip cookies… cause he likes to eat.

If Austin was truly mad about the race, I doubt an hour later he would be tweeting that. He had every right to be pissed, a jammed gun sucks. Slugger shut him down, told him that it was part of racing and out of their control. It is obvious he accepted that and moved on, that’s all you can do!

Austin has a great team around him, he has a great crew chief and nobody puts more pressure on him than he does. He demands excellence of himself and therefore demands it of his whole team. They are running good, they will win… SOON!

Just don’t buy what the media sells. This is a good team. This is a happy team. It will be a winning team. Enjoy the race, I’ll see you from the box.

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