Bristol Rollout

The remains of a beaten and battered gladiator have been loaded up and sealed in the trailer with all the words and frustrations of a crew who had such high hopes for this race. Hopes don’t make wins but hard work does. There’s no shortage of hard work with this group and I think they all know the win is coming.

The car didn’t unload fast as greased lightning but the crew worked and busted their knuckles to give Austin a car that qualified 15th. With a win in the Xfinity series heats and a 4th on Saturday, the team and fans were expecting a great result.

The day started with the Bass Pro Shops, Ranger Boats, Chevrolet falling back to 21st. After stops we started picking our way forward and eventually worked our way up to 12th. Pit crew was absolutely on it and kept the 3 car in contention from the start of the day until the end.

A little before halfway the 3 car sustained damage from the 34 running into the left rear. This caused a very bad and very smoky tire rub which forced Austin to pit. Right about this time, Lady Luck  went out for a hot dog and never returned. Caution came out while the crew was working and trapped Austin 2 laps down. The rest of the day the driver, engineers, Chiefs, and Flying Aces were busy working hard as they could. When it looked like we might be in line to get our lap back the car failed to fire. The whole day under caution Austin had to shut the motor off to keep it cool under caution, when it didn’t retire we went from 1 lap down to the only car 2 laps down and that is where the car stayed.

Near the end the 3 car was caught in someone else’s mess and damaged the fenders pretty well used up the rest of the car that hadn’t been hit by a car or wall.

The end of the day find the team P26, 2 laps down. There are still 14 teams that wish they had our result, so keep your chins up everyone. IT ONLY TAKES ONE WIN! Austin & the team will get it.

I will make you a bet, if it hadn’t been for an annoying steering issue for Austin in the pits he would’ve had a much better day. Weird things happen. Part failures happen. Difficulties have to be overcome!  Don’t get down now.

Besides, in the end… The hero still gets the girl.

“I … I stand! Not crawling, not falling down!”

-Not Falling by Mudvayne-

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