Sheetmetal Giveaway

Thank you followers! That is the first of 2 messages this contest will be about. The second… I want you all to deliver a positive message to Austin Dillon and team. The more you participate, the better your chance of winning.

First thing is first though; Richard Childress Racing, Austin Dillon, Dow Racing, Chevrolet… Do not endorse me, reimburse me, fund me, approve any of my messages. This is me, giving to you. I do not expect them to do anything for me. I am a fan who loves a team. I want that team to be pumped up for the weekend. This is where you come in, you want the sheetmetal, here’s what you have to do.

Starting now… I want you to tweet Austin, Slugger, Andy Houston, and any other member of the 3 team on Twitter, a positive and inspiring message. No spamming! One message each. We don’t want to annoy them, just pump them up. What’s the message? It could be anything positive! Then, use the hashtags…

Example: @austindillon3 Good luck @RIRinsider I know you can win! We believe in you! #AD3nation #CCCgives3

Make sure you use both hashtags! We want to get #AD3nation trending and #CCCgives3 is how I will track this. I will randomly select someone to win free sheetmetal piece on Sunday before engines crank. It may be older. It will be an RCR driver. Remember, this is for fun. This is positive.  Keep it happy, keep it positive. Please, only do it if you are sincere. Contest open to anyone and everyone who reads this and follows @couchcrewchief on Twitter.



I like the enthusiasm I am seeing, so I’m gonna help you out.

The twitter handles for the amazing team members.

@austindillon3 (Driver) @ahouston95 (spotter) @sluggerlabbe (The real Crew Chief) @greg_ozz (Car chief) @sjgolembeski (tire guru) @SimplyGladman (undercar) @mrabrown2 (interior) @MathaliaFrank (horse trainer/engine tuner) @rattocr3 (aerodynamics) @r_sparks_3 (engineer/don’t want to hear him on the radio) @horns_abney (jackman) @tyrader55 (gas man) @jasonpulver (front tire changer) @bbottlemy (rear tire carrier) @joshshipplett (rear tire carrier) @sethchavka (engineer) @RChildress3 (HIM) @Daddy_Dillon (The other him)


@DowRacing @Cheerios @AAA_MidAtlantic @AmericanEthanol @TeamChevy

Team Twitters.

@RCRracing @RCR3ADillon

These are the people who get it done so we can enjoy watching the 3 car. Remember, be respectful, keep this a happy and positive message. They bust their butts and knuckles day in and day out. All of these names can be referenced on if you are interested.

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