Richmond Setup

Welcome to the “Old Fairgrounds!” The 1986 battle between Dale Earnhardt & Darrell Waltrip still live on at this 3/4 mile, D shaped oval. Boasting a mere 14 degrees in the turn, this is a 1/2 scale copy of Texas.

The Fairgounds have not been nice to Austin in Cup series contention. Hanging with an average slightly above 26th position it would be easy to write him off this weekend for many. The saving grace, Xfinity series he holds better than a 9th place average.

We all know how the math works, 26+9=35, 35/2=17.5 (18). Austin’s momentum number has dropped to just 6 positions above average. 18-2=12. So, that’s the projection.

Now, let me say something before we part, though the last few weeks have been tough, this is a team that pulls together. The new chassis that are coming out of RCR are fast. This team needs a little luck. They need a spark. They need something special, that’s why I am encouraging all of you to cheer the entire team, tell all of them how great they are doing. They have been busting their butts and if not for a few poor happenstance they could be in Victory Lane.

So this is my last big “ask” of all the fans. Give the team a hand! Tell them how awesome it is to see that 3 car running up front. Let’s give them that spark!

I’ll see you in the box.


“Making love and music’s the only things worth fighting for.”

New Power Generation by Prince-


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