Couch Sessions: Fan extraordinaire @iHopeDavis

Welcome to the second installment of “Couch Sessions” your go to source for race therapy. Our innocent bystander today is none other than @iHopeDavis

CCC: Thank you for coming deep sea fishing with me.

Hope: Deep sea? We are fishing in your Koi pond!

CCC: My neighbors actually and if you don’t quiet down he will kick me out of here again.
Hope: Again?
CCC: It’s only the fourth time.
Hope: Fourth?
CCC: This week. But don’t worry, he usually doesn’t call the police when I have friends with.
Hope: …
CCC: not this again..

CCC: how long have you been a NASCAR fan?

Hope: I have been a Nascar fan since I could walk.

CCC: Wow! Impressively long time. What is the biggest change you’ve seen in NASCAR that you can remember?

Hope: The biggest change I think I have seen is after the death of the best driver ever, Dale Earnhardt. The safety changes that Nascar has made for the drivers was for the best. But let’s not forget that actually letting a woman drive in Nascar is also a change for it being a man’s sport. I am glad that Danica had made this impact on girls everywhere.

CCC: Danica has opened a lot of doors in many series, I think it’s a great thing. Like her or not she has accomplished something. Speaking of women in the racing world, are you surprised to see more on pit road?

Hope: I am shocked that women haven’t been working on pit road longer than they have been. I think some women can do a way better job then some men. But Honestly I am very surprised that there are more women working in the race field. They have more balls than I do. I honestly couldn’t do it.

CCC: Speaking of working on a team, let’s say you did, which position would you like to try the most? Even if just for a day.

Hope: That is a hard one…. Either the driver or the crew chief… I think I rather be the driver because I love to drive fast.. and Crew Chief because then I could yell at people all day and get paid for it!

CCC: HaHa! Love it. Who is your favorite driver or team currently and how did they win you over?

Hope: I am a Harvick fan, but I also love me some Smoke.. So I guess you would call me a Stewart Haas Racing team fan. Harvick won me over when he took over for Dale and he is one hell of a wheelman.. Great driver and a great person in general.

CCC: We’re you at all surprised by his move to SHR?

Hope: Very, But he did what was best for him and his future. I think even when SHR switches to Ford next year I do see him staying with SHR.. I think he is going to stay with SHR because he knows the he can win more Championships with SHR than any other team.

CCC: I was just about to ask about that too! I don’t think even a switch to HMS would benefit him more. If you were in charge of NASCAR for 1 day and you could do anything (except kicking out a driver) what would you do first?

Hope: I think I would let the drivers fight it out. I think if you do something as in wreck Joey (I love Kenseth for doing that) I think then they should be able to duke it out. I think they should be able to beat the shit out of each other. Except they wouldn’t be able to hit Danica. She could hit them but they couldn’t hit her, the drivers wives or girlfriends would have to fight Danica.

CCC: Haha I hope Danica doesn’t tangle with DeLana any! Who would win in a fight between those 2?

Hope: oh hell, you know I got my money on DeLana.. I adore her and freaking love her. She is one awesome cookie… I have had the chance to speak to her numberous times on Twitter.. She is funny and nice.. I think that it would break Keelan’s heart if Mommy and Dayday would fight.

CCC: Well sometimes a woman has to take care of what her husband can’t on track! Next year do you see Tony going Richard Childress, taking off his Rolex and grabbing someone in a headlock?

Hope: Oh hell yeah, I see that happening.. we all know about his temper (not saying its a bad thing) But he has been in numerous fights and he won most of them.

CCC: I can’t remember him losing one! With his departure as one of the bad boys of the sport, who do you think will try to fill that and fail, miserably?

Hope: That’s a toss up… Let’s see… I see Joey trying seeing that he loves to whine and complain about everything.. Kyle Busch he is just like Joey with that whole whining and complaining… And let’s throw in some Brad K.

CCC: Haha! Pretty much all of today’s bad boys of racing are failing, is what you’re saying.

Hope: Pretty Much….

CCC: Which is worse, failing at the bad boy persona or the vanilla answers from some of the other drivers?

Hope: I think that most of the drivers are scared to speak their minds because they are scared to get fined.

Hope: So lets go with the vanilla answers.

CCC: So NASCAR needs to butt out and let men be men and speak their minds?

Hope: Hell yeah they do… Let them speak how they are feeling.. They shouldn’t have to sugarcoat anything…

CCC: I completely agree! Finally, you know I do a lot of live tweeting of the 3 team, as a fan of another driver, how do you think they are doing this year? What’s your perception of the team so far in 2016?

Hope: You want to know how I think Dillon is doing? I think Dillon is doing good.. But honestly I don’t see him winning any races this season, but then again I could be wrong.. I think that my team, SHR, is doing great this season. We have a win and many more wins to come this season. We have Smoke back in the car for his last season which I see some wins for him too. Kurt is doing good, not as good as I wish he was doing and Danica is doing awesome this season besides wrecking a lot, but she does that a lot.

CCC: I hope you don’t mind me saying, but I really want Austin to prove you wrong. Thank you so much for your time! Any last thoughts you’d like to add?

Hope: I hope he does prove me wrong. I honestly think that would be a good thing… I would like to add that the cops are here and they are staring at you because you have no pants on but you got your feet in the Koi Pond… so on that note I think I am going to run… I don’t look good in Orange

CCC: Haha! Don’t worry, I’ll keep them distracted in my Menard’s green Boxer Shorts!


Thank you you very much to @iHopeDavis for her time and sense of humor and her insights. Remember, anyone can be on “Couch Sessions” for their race therapy, with me… Couch Crew Chief. Thank you for reading and keep your nuts tight, especially the one behind the wheel.

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