Talladega Rollout

Hearts have pounded, cars are shells of their former glory, fans have screamed and crews are tired. On a day that saw the 3 car roll off P2 and move through the pack at will, things happened, things that resulted in an absolute miracle.

We all saw it, we know about all the accidents. We saw the 3 get beat and banged and bent and bent and bent and rebent. The crew lead over the wall by car chief Greg Osbourne now only worked on the car 17 different times, they fabricated a whole new nose. They cut and chopped and sawed. The beat, they bent, they dropped it on a block. At one point they screwed down the hood right into the air cleaner.

If this was Bristol or Darlington or Martinsville, you’d expect it. It wasn’t. This was a track where Clint Almquist sculpts the aero for weeks to make the car fast. All of this, gone. So much hard work, gone. So much hard work done in minutes.

Aftsr the team ran out of tires, NASCAR gave them another set. Every person was assigned a job. Every person went over the wall. Every person had hands on the car and made it drivable. After the toe was knocked out and barely drivable, there was a miracle.

I don’t think you can normally compare Austin Dillon to Dale Earnhardt Sr. Today, was an exception. Austin came from 17th and raced up to 3rd in 3 laps. A car that was beat to hell was able to go anywhere at will. I sat in awe listening to Andy Houston call him through the pack.

There just isn’t much else to say, it was wild. These restrict or plate races are crazy. Since this is meant to be a review and not an opinion piece, I will leave it at that and remind you… In the end, the hero always gets the girl.

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