Kansas Setup

Welcome to the Heartland, Kansas. Home of Clint Bowyer! We setup for night Saturday night mayhem and fun following an amazing Talladega.

In his short career Austin averages 8th place in both Xfinity and Truck series, Cup series is a rough 24th. All of this adds up to an average of 14th career average. Austin has opened his momentum modifier back up to 7 positions average for the year over his career averages. That said, I am projecting a 7th place finish for the weekend.

Is it possible? It is easily possible. His truck and Xfinity averages show he has a good hang of this place. The last few years in Cup have been about finishing, this year… It is all about the win. The team has shown speed and handling on the mile and a half this year already, so this is where it can all come together with a little bit of luck.

The team showed in Talladega that they don’t give up, they don’t quit. All that hard work pays off. If that’s what they do at the track imagine what the boys are doing in the shop! All that hard work and effort eventually buys you some luck!

Luck is something this team desperately needs. They have made plenty of deposits into the luck bank and the time to withdrawal is now! Saturday night races always provide an extra spark and I am confident this team will be amped up for it.

So make sure you wish the team luck before the weekend! This could be the week for not just another top 10 but for the win!

Have a great week everyone, see you in the box!

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