To: Those who carry the load.

I wanted to take a short moment here and recognize some members of the racing community that are rarely acknowledged by us, the fans. We don’t see them and most don’t even think about them. We go to the track and cheer, we watch on TV and scream. Some fans yell and scream and complain about drivers and crews and teams but they forget all that is attached, we forget about those who carry the load.

It use to be that NASCAR had every Mother’s Day off, that was tradition. Not only was it a chance to spend time with their mothers and honor them, it was a break and a chance to give a break to those who carry the load. That was the way it was, probably the way it should be now.

Who are those that carry the load? Is it the guys at the fab shop? No. Is it the guys in the engine shop? No. Is it the officials? Is it the office workers? No, sorry. I appreciate them all and all of their tireless work. I am talking about someone much more important.

I am talking about the wives or husbands and families of all those who pick it up and go racing. The people who manage everything at home while the mechanics and crews and drivers and all those who cover the sport go racing from Thursday to Sunday for us fans. Those who carry the load while those in the shop work around the clock, come home for a quick meal and sleep and go back to it at dawn. They carry the load and watch fans tear their team and their family down when something goes bad.

They don’t have a day, they don’t have a race, they don’t do autographs, they don’t tell a fan how much of an ass they are being when the fan yells and screams and tweets nastiness about the person they love. They just take it, they do it and they hold it all together. They worry and stress when things go slightly wrong and worry if the job will be there Monday, because we fans are always demanding better.

So with this being Mother’s Day weekend, I want to take a moment to say this…

Thank you, for giving your all so we fans can enjoy the work your family has done. Thank you, for all the quiet nights alone so we fans can go to the track and be entertained. Thank you, for carrying the load so we fans can go unload and unwind.

Thank you.

Happy Mother’s Day.


To the fans: the next time you are going to tear someone on the race circuit down for some marginal thing, I want you to think, what if it was your husband? Your wife? Your son? Your daughter? Your father? Your mother? Before you call for someone’s job because of a tenth of a second on pit road, remember, they have families too, they are human and entitled to make a mistake. They will always be harder on themselves than you, you don’t always need to add to a bad moment. Finally, always remember that positive reinforcement and encouragement is ten times more powerful than a negative reaction. Give them and their families a break.


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