Kansas Rollout

Tonight the crew will hastily pack everything into the hauler and run for the airport. The American Ethanol Chevrolet crossed the line 6th tonight for a Cup series best at this track for young Austin Dillon. Now it is time for all team members to get home to loved ones for Mother’s Day.

The green flag dropped with the 3 car in 17th and she slowly drifted back and hovered around 23rd. Through pit stops the team slowly made the car better and by the third pit stop started gaining positions on the slow road. No mistakes and no self imposed adversity made it a relatively calm night. While some would call it a “routine” evening, in honesty it was anything but.

Most races see some form of self imposed adversity to overcome, tonight, no mistakes, no errors. The team gelled and grew. This brilliant evening was rewarded with another top 10 besting my projection by 1 spot. When things start going right, the team cannot be stopped.

Theres not much else to update tonight, other than being held up in traffic, no issues tonight. Everyone kicked butt and stayed positive.

So on that note, Happy Mother’s Day! Enjoy your Sunday and we will Cheer the 3 next week!

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