Couch Sessions: Nathalie Bijeau from Ice-Aid, sponsor of Derrike Cope Racing

Welcome to another “Couch Sessions” with Couch Crew Chief. Today we are speaking with Nathalie from ICE-AID™, sponsor of Derrike Cope Racing (DCR) #70 Camaro in the NASCAR Xfinity Series.

CCC: Nathalie, first I want to thank you for being a sponsor of one of NASCAR’s small teams. It certainly is awesome of your company to help the little guy. What brought ICE-AID™ to NASCAR in the first place?

NB: Thanks Couch Crew Chief for having ICE-AID™ on Couch Sessions. ICE-AID™, formerly known as Beer Frost, wanted to bring product awareness to the public. Since NASCAR has a huge population of people that could benefit from ICE-AID™, inside and outside the track, we thought it would be a great place to start. We began sponsoring in NASCAR in 2015 with Go FAS Racing driven by Josh Wise & Jeffrey Earnhardt. ICE-AID™ was the primary sponsor when Jeffrey Earnhardt, grandson of Dale Earnhardt & nephew of Dale Earnhardt Jr., made his Sprint Cup debut in Richmond. ICE-AID™ also works with Jeffrey on his show “The Opener”, which broadcast throughout North America. ICE-AID™ began the 2016 season by partnering with Derrike Cope Racing in Daytona, and will have a notable presence throughout the entire 2016 NASCAR Xfinity Series.

CCC: What is ICE-AID™ and how can it benefit NASCAR fans?

NB: ICE-AID™ is an all-natural, environmental friendly ice additive that turns a cooler into a freezer by dropping the temperature of the ice to as low as -10°F. It delivers a frosty cold beverage covered in ice crystals that, until now, you could only get by turning the refrigerator temperature to the lowest setting or using the freezer. ICE-AID™ will make ice last up to 3 times longer than ice alone, whether it be beer, water, sodas, sport drinks, wine, or food you chill on ice. You can use ICE-AID™ anywhere a cooler with ice is in use. So, NASCAR fans can use it in their coolers at the track and at the campground during race weekends.

CCC: Sounds like a product that everyone could use, might be good for me to keep some on hand in the event of a power outage. With all the camping and track time you’ve experienced this year on the circuit, what is your favorite part of the sport so far?

NB: Definitely Couch Crew Chief! For you and the fans to know, ICE-AID™ can also be used for:

CAMPING – Keeping food and beverages colder, longer

HUNTING – Transporting game back home

FISHING – Bringing that big catch back to shore

TAILGATING – ICE-AID™ cold beer and beverages

CATERING – Keeping food iced down & safe for consumption

GATHERING – Picnics, family reunions, company gatherings

BUSINESS – Events and Tradeshows

INJURIES – Icing down muscles and joints

Hum… I love NASCAR racing, period. But I love being at the track… the smell, the sound and the excitement from fans. High energy at its best!!! Everybody’s happy!

CCC: How much has the sport and its fans helped the exposure of ICE-AID™?

NB: A lot! We are not ready yet to launch our product into the market but when we do, we have many good leads and contacts coming from the sport. And fans are awesome! They support our company and buy our product online. Also, as followers on ICE-AID™ Social Media accounts, fans share, re-tweet and talk about us in their personal accounts… The ICE-AID™ name is making some mileage too! HA! HA! HA!

CCC: As a sponsor I’m sure you have a very unique view of things, I’m wondering, what can NASCAR do better to help the small sponsors just entering the sport?

NB: Ha!! This is of course my point of view… As you know, small teams who we also call “underfunded teams” or “underdog teams” are working very hard to get and keep sponsors on board race after race. As a sponsor, it’s all about visibility and ROI (Return On Investment). If NASCAR would give more TV time to underfunded teams, giving more exposure to the sponsors – for example, bring under the spotlight a small team every race, I’m sure it would help. Anyway, you know Couch Crew Chief as much as I, that fans are also asking to see and hear more about the small teams. It’s not only about sponsors visibility…

CCC: Being part of such a small team and seeing how hard they work, is there anything you can think of that NASCAR can do better to help a small team like DCR succeed on the track and with their sponsors?

NB: Trust me, they do work hard, at the shop and at the track! Again, very personal answer… but definitely let all cars make the race. For me, it starts with something as simple as that! Of course, you qualify for your spot but, everybody’s in!

CCC: I completely agree with you. If teams bring a legal car, let them race. If you have to double up pit stalls, do it. That or the lowest qualifiers have to go back to the garage to pit until a stall opens. But it gives them the chance to race. What brought you to DCR and also TMG in the Cup series?

NB: Elyshia Cope, DCR Marketing Director cold called me at the end of last season. She heard about ICE-AID™ and how she could save on ice every weekend. Ice is expensive at the track. Every dollar counts. I gave DCR some product to try. They love ICE-AID™ and use it every weekend. We love the way DCR works with their sponsors. Their hospitality, their Social Media, their energy… and of course, working with a Daytona 500 Champion is a privilege! As far as TMG, they also cold called me during the West Coast Swing of this season and heard about ICE-AID™ from another team. They also wanted to save on ice every week. Who wouldn’t?

CCC: With all of ICE-AID’s many benefits as a product, how have the teams utilized it at the track?

NB: Many teams now use ICE-AID™ in their coolers. It makes ice last longer, drinks colder and drops the temperature of beverages faster. Teams also save money by not buying as many bags of ice and they also save time by not walking back and forth to the ice truck. We also gave some product to officials. Some of them bring their own coolers. Anyone can stop by the #70 DCR Team Hauler in the Xfinity Series garage to get their free ICE- AID™ bag. We’d love to meet you too!

CCC: Sounds like the perfect product to help save small teams in several ways. I think we can all agree that they need every bit of help they can get. What is your best memory of the race year so far?

NB: With no doubt, the first time I saw the ICE-AID™ #70 DCR Daytona car on the track. WOW!!! I don’t want to brag but did you know that the car was voted by Richmond International Raceway as one of the TOP 5 best car schemes for all 3 Series during the Daytona weekend? It’s pretty sweet!

CCC: That is awesome! It was a gorgeous car and unique! I see you & ICE-AID™ post many pictures throughout the weekend, how much has social media helped you spread word of this amazing product?

NB: A lot!! DCR and ICE-AID™ have their own Social Media Directors. And they talk and help each other. As a brand new company, we are building our followers on our Social Media accounts. So please readers, follow ICE-AID™ and Derrike Cope Racing on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! We like to do contests too! By the way, thanks for following us CCC! We appreciate your follows.

CCC: I am happy to follow you and the team. Some of the best accounts for interaction if you follow NASCAR. Thank you so much for joining me today. I appreciate it and I hope we helped spread the message about ICE-AID™ to fans, teams, crew members, and officials. Where can they find or order this today?

NB: Again, thanks for having me and ICE-AID™ on Couch Sessions. It’s been a pleasure sharing my passion about ICE-AID™, DCR Team and helping Teams stay cool. People can go on our Website, You’ll be able to see how to use ICE-AID™, how it works and how to order. Also, you’ll see our video made specially for our race 2016 season with Derrike Cope Racing (DCR). It’s a must watch!

CCC: Awesome! Readers, make sure you go look for it today! Nathalie, thank you again. Any final thoughts before we go?

NB: I want to thank fans for following small underfunded teams, drivers and sponsors of those small teams. It all makes a difference for us knowing that fans are supporting our efforts. Fans are the reason why we are all doing this!! And fans are the reason why we continue doing it, no matter what!

CCC: There you have it everyone! Thank you for reading and make sure you check out ICE-AID™ for your next race or tailgate party and all outdoor events. Also, watch for the #70 Ice-Aid™ Chevy Camaro driven by Derrike Cope at a track near you. See you next time, right here for all your race therapy. As always, keep your nuts tight, especially the one behind the wheel.

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