Charlotte Setup

Welcome to Charlotte Motor Speedway. One of the classic B&B (Bread & Butter) tracks on the circuit. The center of most NASCAR teams and right near the NASCAR Hall Of Fame. With 24 degree banking in the corners and 5 degree banking on the straights, this is what most refer to as a cookie cutter.

Lets do some quick mop up, I missed the Dover Rollout. We are going to call that addition by subtraction. I don’t think anyone wants to relive that day. Pretty sure the same goes for the Sprint Showdown. Not making the cluster***k that was the All Star Race, I think was a blessing. The only thing that came from that was frustration, ask Tony Stewart. So where does all this leave us? Well the Challenge between Frank & Myself is scored, 4-3 respectively. I do not count equipment failures against the team, that’s racing. Austin, he has a 7 position above average finish currently.

So, what are we in store for this week? Well, I think we are going to be happy. The entire team is hungry to hit the track right now. They don’t like bad finishes and are eager to move on. Their story this year shows a bounce back. Before Dover the team had finished 20th or worse only 3 times. 2 of those 3 finishes were followed up with top 5 finishes. This plays right into the schedule for them.

Charlotte, as a whole, has not been bad to Austin. In truck series he holds an average above 17th, Cup series he has an average above 12th, and in Xfinity he has 2 wins and a 6th place average finish. With the significant performance increase this year on mile and a half tracks, this could possibly be another career day for Austin. The math has been working for them this year, I think it does the same at the home track.


The simple math algorithm gives us a projection of 5th. Ironically the 7 points above average finish is the same amount as average finish below projection. That tells me the algorithm is working. As the year wears on the performance modifier will stabilize, in fact over the last several races it has been fairly steady.

Math hurts the brain, I get it. The important thing to see is that across all series Austin has a 12th place average, this year he is averaging 7 points above that. If he keeps putting himself in the top 5, he will luck into a win. For him and his team, I hope it comes sooner than later, especially since they all seem so very happy. Let’s keep that rolling!

I’ll see you in the box.

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