Couch Sessions: Jason Larivee Jr.

Welcome to the newest edition of “Couch Sessions” your place for interviews big and small, hop on the couch for some race therapy! This week I welcome Jason Larivee to the couch.


CCC: Welcome to “Couch Sessions” today I have Jason Larivee Jr with me. He is a young racer & has been around Motorsports for quite awhile. Jason, thank you for being here, can you give us some of your race background?

JL: I certainly can. Starting from the time I was three, sixteen now, I’ve had an extreme passion for Motorsports. I started off racing and riding dirt bikes in the New England Hillclimbers association, where I won a championship and numerous races. Yet, after a 7 year tenure with that, I wanted to go the stock car route, and eventually was given an opportunity to run social media and assist in marketing with the NASCAR Xfinity Series team Derrike Cope Racing. This soon led me to where I am now, racing in the Super-X division at the Waterford Speedbowl.

CCC: You had a very early start! So you are a natural born competitor then. What have you noticed about the competition so far in Super-X versus in Hillclimb?

JL: One thing I can attest to is the strength of the field in both series. New to Super-X, it’s tough to get inclined to the setup and various things with the chassis, but we are learning, just as we did early with hill climbing. But, ultimately both are pretty tough to win and be competitive.

CCC: Which has more regulations and restrictions, from your viewpoint?

JL: I feel like the Super-X cars have more strict rule book, because you are in control of a couple thousand pound car. While in hill climbing, you are by yourself with a much lighter machine.

CCC: You mentioned you became involved with Derrike Cope Racing, how did that come about?

JL: Actually that’s a funny story. I actually friended Elyshia, Derrike’s wife, on Facebook and pretty much asked if I could help the race team in any way, and fortunately they gave me an opportunity to do social media and marketing for them.

CCC: Awesome! Just shows the American Dream is alive and well, if you want it, go get it! How long have you been involved in their social media?

JL: For sure. I started back in Febuary of 2015.

CCC: What’s been your favorite part of that? What type of things do you do?

JL: I really enjoy the time I get to spend at the racetrack, and the things I’m able to do there. It’s an opportunity like no other to be able to go into the NASCAR garage and see it all.

CCC: I completely agree. How do your pit duties differ from your Super-X team to your duties with DCR?

JL: It’s different in many aspects, yet the same in other ways. We have to tune the car and spend the long nights in the shop, but there isn’t a stressful tech, Etc. the short track series is much more of a relaxed atmosphere.

CCC: Tell me about your Super-X car, make, model, number, sponsors?

JL: My car is the #70 1985 Chevrolet Monte Carlo. Obviously, you, @CouchCrewChief, are one of my sponsors, and I have many people helping me including S.H. Concrete Works.

CCC: I was happy to help in a very small way, S.H. Concrete Works deserves a big hand from everyone for helping a young racer out. That number 70, I like it. Following in Derrike’s steps I see. Lots of hard work, hands-on, late nights. How many races have you been in?

JL: This last Thursday was my second race, unfortunately a DNF, but we will get them next week!

CCC: Those early races are hard, lots of learning curve. Have you been enjoying the seat time? How have the heats treated you? How are the other drivers with you?

JL: It’s a lot of fun. The other drivers are friendly, many helping with adjustments to the car. The heat races have gone well, with my best finish of 5th this Thursday. The features have been a different story, with mechanical failures in each of the events.

CCC: New cars tend to have those. How long did it take you, from idea to your first race, to get the team together with sponsors and car and testing and inspection?

JL: It was about a month of many long hours!

CCC: That’s a lot to shoehorn in a very short time. So this week you raced Thursday night and are now at Pocono with DCR?

JL: Yes I am.

CCC: Busy young man! How’s Nathalie, Elyshia, and Derrike doing this weekend? How’s the car? Got plenty of E-Hydrate on Ice-Aid™?

JL: Very good! Sure do!

CCC: Great to hear! Before we go, I have to know more about Hillclimb, how many races & championships did you win?

JL: Not sure about victory numbers, but I had one championship in the 85cc class.

CCC: So any sponsor who is looking for a champion should look you up is what you’re saying! If a company or individual wants to help sponsor you, should they look you up on Twitter?

JL: You can find me on all social media at @JasonLarivee

CCC: I hope we can help find you some more support! I’m happy I was able to be part of it and I believe you have a great future in stock cars. Is there anything else you’d like to add before we finish?

JL: Thanks for having me. Ready to race in Pocono!

Thank you all for joining us today, remember you can be featured on “Couch Sessions” anytime, drop me a line and come lay on the couch! I’d like to thank Jason, S.H. Concrete Works, DCR, Ice-Aid, E-Hydrate for their time and consideration. Have a good day and remember…

Keep your nuts tight, especially the one behind the wheel.

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