Sonoma Setup

Welcome back! I hate off weeks for my driver, especially when he is building momentum coming out of Michigan. With an 8th place finish Austin returns to the top 10 and some good cheer. If the off week served him well, I can only guess it did, we should see a driver hungrier than ever.

Sonoma, the first of 2 road courses will provide its own unique challenges as always. The setup is completely different than anything else, pit road is completely different and the style racing is totally different.

Austin enters Sonoma with a +3 momentum modifier. Realistically, he has a 17th place average, so projecting 14th place with the math, will be quite a feat to attain.

Positive, I watched Austin at Road America a few years ago in ARCA, he nearly had them licked. He has raw talent but on road courses he always seems to have some sort of transmission issues. If they can curb that trend and Austin can muscle the 3 car around, I am confident he can break into the top 10. Slugger may need to take a chance with some fuel mileage here, but he is an amazing leader. The crew has been on it, so we can’t fault them anything. To beat the 14th place projection every member of the crew, every person on the box, every spotter, and Austin will have to be at their absolute best.

I know they can do it! Til later, I’ll see you in the box!

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