Daytona Summer Setup

Welcome back fans! We are home again in the heart of NASCAR. Daytona under the lights is here! 400 miles of bumper to bumper fun! Last time we were here Austin exceeded my projection by 3 positions, finishing 9th. At Talladega Austin finished 3rd. So, we are gonna have a great week, right?

Absolutely. With a current career average of 14th at Daytona and momentum of 4 positions above his Cup average, we should be looking to finish 10th. Now, we can all agree that a tenth at Daytona is pretty good, however…

While projecting 10th I believe Austin will run top 5 all day, and I really do believe we will see the 3 in Victory Lane. Why? He has the most experience here, in Xfinity me Cup he has very high averages, truck series average of 23rd holds it down. Austin may not be Dale Sr. and we don’t need him to be, this guy is good on the super speedways. Remember Talladega and the team’s no quit attitude? Remember the last 3 laps where he improved his position by 15 positions?

Austin, wins this. That’s my money. Projection for record is 10th but I am positive that Greg Osbourne, Slugger Labbe, Frank Mathalia, and the entire 3 team comes to Daytona expecting to see Victory Lane. The cars are great, the motors are great, the crew is great, and the driver… 2nd best overall average finish in Xfinity, first overall in average finish in Cup (based upon active drivers since 1959).

Ladies, Gentlemen, Austin, Whitney…. Everybody reading this…. This is our weekend! This is our house! There’s a man that owned this track that drove the 3 and Austin drives the 3 and statistically owns this track.


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