Kentucky Setup

Welcome to the land of bluegrass, bourbon, fried chicken, and HORSEPOWER! Blue moon of Kentucky keep on shining…

Austin had a good run in Daytona, that bodes very well for him this week. He is a momentum driver and on a newly repaved, reconstructed track with one groove, it will race like a dirt track that he is so good on. Finishing 3 spots higher than my projection, Austin avoided incident over the 4th of July weekend to solidify his position within the Chase standings. While he is well above the cut line, a win would guarantee a Chase berth for him.

Kentucky, is really hard to project. In trucks and Xfinity he averages very high finishes, in Cup… 22nd. However, we are gonna bag up all those stats, tie them off and throw them away. This isn’t the old track and it sure as hell ain’t Churchill Downs. This course is gonna test everyone.

Kentucky Speedway is now a 1.5 mile trioval, it has 17 degree banking in turns 1 & 2 a 1,600 foot run down the 4 degree banked backstretch which is 57 feet wide, then onto the 14 degree banks of 3 & 4 and finally through the 8-10 degree progressive banked dogleg. This track will be forever changing through the race.

The star this week will be the car chief and the guys changing out parts on the car during practice. There will be a lot of adjustments if they do not nail the setup.

Finally, I project Austin to finish 7th this weekend. His career average here is 11th even though his Cup average is a dismal 22nd, the Xfinity and truck series don’t lie, he knows how to get around this joint, the team is trending upward, Austin holds an average 4 places better than his Cup average on the year. That 4 point modifier doesn’t tell the story of the team, they have run so much better. The crew have been gaining positions on pit road and Slugger has been on top of the adjustments.

So let’s hope that Blue Moon over Kentucky can shine it’s ever loving light on 3.

Good luck, enjoy the race, I’ll see y’all in the box!

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