Indy Setup

Loudon was a good race, finished 13th and had fought from deep in the field to near the front. A tight handling car relegated Austin to a 13th place position. As always, our pit crew was on it! Those guys kicked ass every stop and made some excellent adjustments under the guidance of Slugger Labbe. It was a whole team effort.

Onto Indianapolis! A true 4 turn oval, that’s kind of square. This is a track that you can make up ground with momentum. Austin has really developed his rhythm this year and often makes good headway when he can cruise and drive to the sound of the motor. He has even talked about making engine sounds in the cockpit when driving, this can actually help with timing and “hitting your marks.”

Indianapolis Motor Speedway is a 2.500 mile track with 9.2 degree banking in the turns and 0 banking on the straights. Flat track to flat track. Could this be the week? Austin will have to overcome the fact that Jeff Gordon is back in town. This looks to be a great race!

So where do I see Austin finishing? In the Cup series he holds just an average of 21st in 3 starts, in Xfinity he holds a 9th place average. All together his career average is 15th, with a 4 place momentum modifier I see Austin placing 11th. If Frank has the motor tuned up and Greg has the car rolling off right, we could Austin up front most of the day.

Good luck out there and I’ll see you in the box.

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