Pocono II Setup

Welcome back to the Tricky Triangle, fresh off a solid 9th place finish in Indy which saw Austin Dillon have the second fastest car most of the day. This track will drive much the same, it’s all about making the straights long, rotating quickly through the corner and getting back to the throttle first. We might just see a repeat or better result than last week.

So, what happened last time? Well, we don’t talk about last time. It… Was… Ugly. Parts failures hurt, I’m sure Austin can tell you about their physical affects. They are even worse when you know they are coming. So we are gonna leave it at that and move forward.

Keys to victory this week, as I said before, rotate the center and be the first back to the throttle. This is a prime track for short pitting, you can pit and get back out without losing a lap as long as you’re less than 10 seconds behind. If you can be the first on tires for 3 or 4 laps you can make up a lot of ground very quickly. Watch for strategy to play heavily this weekend.

Austin currently holds an average of 21st in Cup here and 5th in trucks, this gives us a 13th place finish over his career. He currently holds an average of 4 places above his career average over this season which puts him in 9th place, by my math and algorithm. Is it a reasonable expectation?

Absolutely. The guys in Department #327 at RCR have put out some amazing cars. With Pocono running so similar to Indianapolis it seems fitting that his projected finish actually matches last week’s live finish. With just 6 races to go before the Chase it is conceivable that the team will value a great points day first and chase a win if and when the opportunity presents itself.

Frank… I know…  you guys never go to the track thinking you aren’t going to win, I’m just saying the team will protect a good points day to ensure a Chase birth this year. Granted, it only takes one win to get in, but with the points as they are, I am sure the 3 team will make the Chase, just want a little more cushion.

Good luck this weekend, stay safe, and I’ll see you in the box.

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