So, what’d you think of that race…

Those who have read most of my writing will likely know about my grandfather. My grandfather was a good man and the reason I watch racing. Anytime you went over to visit and talk as conversation would go you’d eventually wind up talking about stuff that either he didn’t know about or didn’t want to talk about, for whatever the reason. These times he would lol and smile and with a glint in his eye he would say, “So Jonathan, what a- what’d you think of that race?”

Its been a few years since my grandpa Lester passed and I miss those talks… So, grandpa, here is one for you…

Today’s race, well she was a road course race and I know you don’t care for them, it’s not really NASCAR racing. Today’s race, she was a good one though. A good finish though it wasn’t our RCR team and it wasn’t our 3 team, but let me tell you grandpa, that 3 team… Man it’s good.

We got wrecked early and I was afraid our day was done, but those guys put her back together. Now, it wasn’t fast as could be but Austin was able to limp her around for a good points day. Now, I know that don’t always mean much but we both know all you gotta do is make the Chase, grandpa. We aren’t locked in yet and that 3 team got some work to do but let me tell you about these guys…

Grandpa you wouldn’t believe it. A car that most would’ve given up on and packed up, they pieced her together! Slugger had them cutting and welding and pulling and rebuilding. These guys had everything ready, man… They could’ve quit and we all would’ve said, “Not much you can do with that.” These guys, they only lost 4 laps. Four laps!!!

Grandpa, I think they’re gonna win soon, this old 3 team that we cheered on for years, it’s back. Austin may not be Dale Earnhardt but he has something Dale didn’t, Austin has patience and Austin knows you gotta find ways to finish the race. I miss Dale and sometimes I wish Austin was a little more aggressive like Dale, but Austin doesn’t get DNFs and that is amazing itself. The team refuses to fail, they refuse to not finish, they refuse to say, “Good enough for today.”

Grandpa, remember when Dale got paired with Mike Skinner and they always found ways to get in each other’s way? Well, ain’t much changed. Haha! But the teammates are better and they are running good and we both know that’s good for Richard and what’s good for Richard is good for Austin cause they all get better together. Today they didn’t get in each other’s way, but they have this year. That just means every part of the team is good. We are gonna win soon I think, least ways, one of the teams is.

Oh and Grandpa, that crazy ass kid from Mississippi that we watched for years, the one he always threw interceptions… Well, he’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame finally. Just thought you’d wanna know… and Richard, well he’s in the NASCAR Hall of Fame. It’s been a great year so far. The Packers play tonight and I know you’ll be watching that just like you watched the race today….

What’d you think of the race?

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