Bristol Nights Setup


Welcome back to the high speed blender that thinks it is a racetrack. After a week off following a rough and rugged Watkins Glen, Austin Dillon looks to find Victory Lane and seal his place in the Chase. Quick math gives him a career average of 16th here and with 4 positions averaged above his usual finish I am projecting 12th place… But…

Take that and throw it all out the window! Like your iPhone, Bristol has another update! Wooooo! Version 2.3 is in place. They have polished the bottom lane and run a tire machine through it to grind rubber deep into the surface. Will it be a top groove track like in past years? Will it be the bottom groove like years gone by?

We don’t know. Nobody knows for sure. Will it return to the multiple groove racing? Let’s just say, the 3 team is ready. The car and driver and crew are rested, relaxed, unwound, and it is time to ROCK!

The off week, eventful at Mid-Ohio, but even more eventful for Austin and Whitney who are now engaged.  The closer Austin gets to Whitney, the closer he gets to Victory Lane. Whitney just had a birthday so the stars are all lined up and ready. If there’s a weekend to shine, it is this weekend.

However, it all comes down to Austin in the car. This is a track that you cannot take any crap from anyone. Watkins Glen was a track like that, Bristol, even more so. It’s time to get mean, mad dog mean. If Austin wants to win, he’s going to have to ruffle some feathers. It’s that time, time to dig in, so go get it!

See you in the box.


P.S. Congratulations again to the happy couple and Happy Birthday, Whitney. It’s these days that make it all worth it.

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