Michigan II setup

After an extended stay in Bristol, Tn that saw Austin win on Friday and finish a career best of 4th on Sunday evening we will be heading to Brooklyn, Michigan. Home of the super fast 2 mile speedway. It’s wide surface and sweeping turns allow for multiple groove racing.

In trucks Austin has a 13th place average, a 15th place average in Xfinity, and a 17th average in Cup. With a career average of 15th you might not think this is a track the team is looking forward to. You would be wrong. They have this thing double circled in red. After a great Pocono race and new equipment being majorly upgraded out of the shop, Austin looks to have possibly his best finish ever.

2016 has seen Austin take home 4 top 5’s, 10 top 10’s, a pole, and 7 laps lead already. With the team excited for Michigan, I think we have something to look forward to.  I am forced to use my standard algorithm and project an 11th place finish. This isn’t far off given that Austin is averaging a start of 14th and an average of 15th for a finish throughout the year. Given his 4 position above career average overall, the math says what it says… 11th.

Slugger after Pocono was excited for this race. Coming off an amazing Bristol weekend the team should be crazy excited. While we are on Bristol, I want to give another shoutout to the families of the crew who sacrificed time with their loved ones so we race fans can enjoy the race. The crew guys give up so many hours and miss so much at home, we have to remember to keep saying thank you. If not for them, Austin cannot wheel his car. The first win, which could come this week… Is for them. They deserve it. It’ll be great for everyone, once Austin gets his first win I expect him to rattle off several. When Slugger is excited for a track, that means we can look for a great run.

Freddy and Marty and all the people on their teams in the shop are cranking out hot rods and you can see it throughout the organization. So let’s get ready for some trophies!

Finally, a big “Thank You” to Brad Robison who filled in after Justin Voss went down with a leg injury. We wish Voss a fast recovery and hope to see him return soon. Look for my special home track preview this week, “Road America: the Xfinity setup”. I will be in attendance there and in the garage Friday, turn 12 Saturday. Make sure you follow @DCopeRacing as I help them with some on site updates and watch right here for some special photos of the RCR teams as they tackle the 4 mile monster.

See you in the box!

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