To the followers…

It has been an amazing 2016 season. From start to finish many of you have followed me and bared with me. From the weekly posts to the opinions and interviews. You’ve helped make this a great season for me, I thank you.

The final race of the year is often bittersweet. While we get to see a champion crowned we also know that NASCAR is gone until February. Our friends and teams go to the garage and refit for next year. Next year holds so many unknowns and promises it is hard to know what we will see, but there is renewed hope of wins and championships to be won. Every pole position is our’s until proven otherwise and every trophy in our case.

So for my final setup this year…

I project Austin to finish 12th. Averages of 20, 6, 21 in Cup, Xfinity, and Truck respectively comes to 16th and Austin has finished 4 positions above career average throughout the year. Honestly, I know many would be disappointed with that finish and by all means Austin should finish higher. The good thing is that could mean good things for someone.

To start the year Frank Mathalia, engine tuner, and I made a wager. If the team beat my projection I would give Pitstops for Hope $5, if my projection was better than their finish more than they beat it, Frank would match it. As it stands, my projection has been better 14 times and the team beat my projection 11 times. If the team beats me at Homestead that will be $60 to PSFH. That can help a lot of people at a very important time of the year. I only tell you this because I hope others will truly think of those less fortunate and also donate this giving season. It’s the best gift you can give. The gift of hope.

Thank you again for a great year, stay in touch, I’ll see you in the box.

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