Jason Larivee Racing 2017 preview!

Welcome to the first preview of the year for race teams. Last year I was proud to help this young man in a small way with his race team. A champion hill climber turned stock car racer after an injury left him sidelined. He’s started developing his talents and showing promise as he goes. 2016 was his first year in a full fender stock car and remains poised to improve this year.

In 2016 Jason, 17, finished 8th out of 20 at Waterford Speedbowl in the Super-X class. In just a month and a half he went from a dream to reality in his family’s garage. With $500 he purchased a car out of a wood line that had been sitting for 6 years, rebuilt a Chevy 350 c.i.d. motor which was donated by his cousin at Highway Auto Parts.


“A lesson I certainly learned is to never let people push you around or take advantage of you, but patience is imperative. If you aren’t patient in making a pass, you’ll end up in the grass. Definitely learned not to make it 3 wide every opportunity I see. I felt like I improved throughout the season. Raced harder, cleaner, and overall better. There is one guy I see as a rival but we certainly do have prominent allies too. Dan & Kevin Moon who sold me my chassis have helped immeasurably. From chassis setup tips, help, and chassis tool loans, they are real assets.”

In 2017 Jason will again run Super-X at the Waterford Speedbowl. With new engine parts, suspension options, and experience he hopes to compete in the top 5. With potential to run a late model for a race or more, Jason still seeks funding from all avenues. The focus is definitely on Super-X until more opportunities come to fruition.

“I really look to improve in all facets. I want to race better and set the car up better. If I can do those things I believe the year will ultimately be a success. I try not to put any pressure on myself or the guys helping me. At the end of the day we are still new to this and there is a ton to learn. Obviously the thought of a win is what ultimately drives us. This season we are really pushing for a “W.”

Jason has returning sponsors this year. S.H. Concrete Works is primary sponsor with Couch Crew Chief returning as an associate sponsor. Jason works continuously to find other sponsors, you can reach him on FaceBook at Jason Larivee Racing or reach him directly at JasonDCR70@gmail.com if you want to help, sponsor, or donate. Every bit helps as this young man chases his dream in hopes of reaching the upper levels of NASCAR.


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