Overly Opinionated: We do appreciate it.

@KyleLarsonRacin: Listen fans, it doesn’t get much better than that! That was some solid stuff all day. Time to start appreciating side by side racing!

This was just after the Monday afternoon race at Bristol Motor Speedway. At first I was more ticked that NASCAR ran the race at 1pm ET when many fans could not watch it. This after their media coverage so often goes back to attendance and ratings. The, “Oh poor us, fans need to help more.” Kyle Larson’s tweet, well it made me forget about that. So, let me explain something to Mr. Larson. Let me explain something to those who don’t get what fans want from Bristol.

Mr. Kyle Larson,

I have been a fan for many years, I’ve seen things change. I have seen tracks come and go. I’ve seen tracks reconfigured, I’ve seen cars change, and I have seen drivers come up and disappear. So trust me when you read this. We fans, we DO appreciate good side by side racing. We love it at Texas, Charlotte, Kentucky, Daytona, Homestead, Chicagoland, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Kansas, Michigan, Talladega… What we use to appreciate from Bristol was hard racing. Nose to tail, bump and run, push and shove, door to door, fender on fender racing. We had that at four places. Then North Wilkesboro went away. Richmond was reconfigured. Bristol and Martinsville, that’s what we had left of the single groove racing. Racing that favored drivers who weren’t afraid to have a rival. Drivers who weren’t afraid to make someone mad. Drivers who had the will to win. That’s what we wanted at Bristol. There’s a time and place for every style racing. Maybe that’s why fans have fought the Bristol reconfigure since race two. Maybe that’s why fans are tired of watching the series try to polish a turd. We can appreciate side by side, multi-groove racing. We just don’t want it at every track. Before you go telling the fans what we should appreciate, remember this; we fight and claw, we sacrifice and travel, we pay to watch you on TV, we pay to go to the track to watch you race. We want the same passion from our drivers that we have for the sport. That is lacking in MANY drivers. In closing, we can appreciate every facet of racing and every style of racing. Can you appreciate that we fans might, on occasion, want to see something different? 

-Jonathan A. Gruenke


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